Sorry to hear about your episode of COVID, although it sounds as though you are recovering now so that’s excellent. I read the Daisy Jones novel before reviewing the series as well and the book was an entertaining and breezy read.

I caught the premiere of Picard S3 the other night and it certainly gave me all the fan-service I was looking for!

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I'm so glad you're feeling better and that you are home!

Currently we are continuing to stay up to date on The Last of Us, which I am REALLY enjoying, considering it is entirely out of my usual genre of TV preferences. The characters really make it, which is what everyone and their cousins have been saying all along and I am so glad I started this.

I've also begun re-watching Star Trek Discovery from the beginning again, and am a little ways into season one now, and gosh, I really do love Disco Trek. Also on my docket is to watch Strange New Worlds, which I know I will also like, as a fan of almost all things trek, but Disco is like, the queer emo cousin that I aspire to be in my real life and I love it so bad. Cadet Tilly is my homegirl, and Disco is why I started following Anthony Rapp on twitter, and I've never looked back. He's a damn delight.

Jan started watching the new Matrix last night (I've already seen it) but he's gonna have to do it in chunks - the poor man can't stay awake for a three hour movie. I'm not sure that he likes it, but he's committed to finishing it.

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